Pocket Collection

After the assignment was explained and we were dismissed to gather our objects we quickly left the Brick and made the pilgrimage to Main street. My first instinct was to partner up with someone. Partially because of my genuine fear of approaching someone alone to ask form random objects in there pocket (which is super weird and slightly invasive), and because of people’s perceptions of a black person walking up to them and asking for objects in their pocket. Since Alfred is still a new place to me I didn’t know I people would act, would they run away would they call the cops I have no idea. I ended up partnering up with Taneyasha (a fellow sista 💁🏿). We both had the same concern about people reacting badly being approached by black individuals, so we decided to start out approaching black individuals. The first person we came across kept walking after we tried to talk to them, they didn’t even acknowledge us. After meandering for a while we ended up at Alfred State campus. There we stopped a very nice student that ended up giving me her Walmart receipt. Even though I was done kept walking with Taneyasha so that she could find her object. We asked a couple of different students with no luck. I wasn’t until we stopped a student (who was white) that she go anything. He had his headphones in and we both thought it was gonna be a dud or just end badly but it turned out really well. Once we approached him he took out his headphones and we explained the assignment. He took off his backpack and handed her a pencil and explained to us the story behind it then he was on his way. We were both shook by the interaction. Where were from you could not get away with something like that regardless of the race of the individual. After doing what I still feel is a super weird activity I was able to learn something new about my new home as well as have a great discussion about hometowns  

The object I received was a Walmart receipt. The individual had purchased a plethora of food items (three boxes of dry pasta, two whipped cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, three jars Tomato basil sauce, a lemon, cinnamon rolls, a bagel, vertable oil, Sausage links, uncooked bacon, spreads, 18 eggs) yesterday to make themselves dinner. In total, they spent forty dollars and fifty-two cents, and they used their debit card to pay for the transaction. 

The link to the QR code at the bottom of the receipt: https://receipts.walmart.com/r/71gLnij6DSbotghOacGixGH0VYLmPJG0

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