Daily Practice #1

The daily practice I have chosen to do for the rest of the semester is crochet every day while either watching, listening, or both to something. Crocheting is something that I’ve always done and I do pretty much every day so I felt it would be something easy to have in my schedule and document. Tuesday was the first day we started our daily practice. I was so excited to do mine since I could finally dedicate a decent chunk of time to crochet and not just a couple minutes here or there. I had started a crocheted creature awhile ago but didn’t have a chance to finish it yet. Like I usually do when I crochet I went to a secluded space (my room) to crochet. I ended up staying up till one in the morning crocheting and watching the entire season of Drama World. I had watched the season much time, at this point, I could probably quote it word for word. While working I had many moments of nostalgia, My mother, younger sister, and I sitting on our living room couch Friday evenings watching whatever new on Netflix and crocheting. Since I was little I could never watch tv without fidgeting. My mom one day got so fed up that she went to the dollar store down the street of our old house, purchased on of those giant coloring books and crayons and sat me down and told me to color in the pictures. Since then I haven’t been able to watch tv properly without doing something with my hands. Even though many people say that you can’t multitask, you cant do two things at once without being unsuccessful at both, but for some reason doing something as simple as doodling or crocheting while watching tv or taking notes in class helps me to better digest the information. What I never realized is that it connects to why I can’t listen to music while I work. I have to listen to audiobook cause I need the dialogue to be able to create work and to draw inspiration from. 

Wednesday I added one foot to my creation as well as a backstory before and after foundations. Like all my crochet creature this new creation needed a backstory. The preliminary ideas for it came from watching zero waste, vegan, van life, couple vlogs on youtube. Imagine if you love someone so much that you could tolerate being so close to one another, now double that emotion, thats how these two creatures feel about one another.  Yes, I did write two thats, not a mistype. Even though they share the same lower half they are their own beings with there own personality and lives. Something that I have learned from those zero waste, vegan, van life, a couple is that being able to occupy a space with someone you love is hard, but imagine if that space was a minivan. These creatures loved each other so much that they fused together but just because they want to be together doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with challenges or struggles.

Thursday I completed the other foot right before common ground as well as named the creatures. While walking around campus and before classes I would stop my friends and ask them for what I should name them. I got some good ideas but more people seemed to in interested in the crochet piece itself. They would ask questions like hoe did you make this and can you teach me. Crocheting has always been apart of my life whether it be the standard scarf my mother make me right before the winter months of the crocheted booties I made for my baby cousins christening. What I realized is how much I take that exposure for granted. Like many needlecraft crocheting for a while was going extinct. There has been a small resurgence of interest but I doubt it will ever reach the height it once was. But I hope that interest that people seem to have for the craft persists and will grow into something more. The name that I finally decided on at the end of the day right before I went to sleep was Stephan (left) and Bartholomew (right), given to me by my roommate Amanda (but his friends call him Bart).

Friday I finished the arms and my creature was complete. Friday was my most hectic day of the week since I had to set up and work an event at Moka Joka. After I wrapped up and headed back to my dorm and watched the Missing Link with a friend. I was incredibly inspired by the color palette and the overall artistry of the film. 

Saturday I created the sweater vest as well as completed the bow tie. I knew that I wanted to cloth Bart and Stephan but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I was in between a little bow peep and their sheep costume, or a clown and ended up making a clown costume. I drew form the color platte form the Missing Link when picking the yarn I wanted to work with. I ended up picking an off white color for the sweater vest and blue for the buttons and bow tie. 

Sunday I made the hats to finish off the looks. I woke up pretty late today and while watching cooking videos on youtube I crocheted the hats. They were pretty straight forward to make since I made them before when making a hat for a clown I made earlier this year, who named socks and lives with Kat and Danny’s hairless Furby.

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