Daily Practice #2

Monday I started on a new project. Originally I wanted to create a mermaid but I ended but making a Bart and Stephen part 2. I first started on Stephens’s head. This went pretty quickly since I had made the head before. What makes this creation different from the original is that the nose and body colors are inverse and the eyes are blue. Last week I realized I was running out of doll eyes so I ordered more.

Tuesday I started on Bart’s head he was also easy to do. The only thing that I was completely happy with is that since the eyes were so small they didn’t look as derpy as the other Bart’s eyes.  I not only had crochet day but also an adoption. Evon one of the ladies that swiped ids at Ade is a crocheted and has been tracking the process of Bart and Stephen and once she saw the finished process she fell in love with them and purchased them for her grandson. As much as I love crocheting I love giving my creations away to homes that I know will cherish them as much I do. 

Wednesday I connected Bart and Stephen heads. As usually watching or listening to something. I just started this new tv show on Netflix, it’s amazing (if you’re into teen post-apocalyptic dramas). Shows/movies/books like that always make me think would I survive, whoever is reading this do you think you would survive, if so at what cost? Any way, in the show all of the earths animals have mutated. So there are like 10 eyed pugs and giant deformed pugs for someone reason that reminded me of Bart and Stephen. Now because of the shoe radioactive waste has been added to Bart and Stephen 2.0 backstory.

Thursday I continued to work on the connection between Bart and Stephen 2.0 while finishing up ink heart. Not only a good movie but an incredible book with characters that feel as if they fly off the page into real life. One of the things I like to do besides art is writing. My younger sister and I used to spend hours just coming up with characters and putting them in weird and awkward situations and figuring how to write them out of these situations. I’m not as good a writer as my sister but I hope one day I can write character like that that are so well thought out that the reader feels that the characters are real.

Friday I crocheted granny squares for my sound project. I wanted to add texture to the outside of the piece and I thought the squares would be a good way to add that.

Saturday I continued crocheting and made another granny square. This time I didn’t crochet alone but with my younger sister while we vegged out and watched Netflix. This was one of the things I loved doing with her growing up since my mom was never a fan an idle hands so this was a good way to doing something that is fun but also productive. Cause once you finished watching a full season of a show you could have a scarf or a hat, but if you were really fast like my mom a blanket or shawl.

Sunday on my way back to Alfred I made the cord that would use in my sound sculpture by finger crocheting and then braiding the cord together.

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