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Sound Sculpture Sounds


The process of creating my sound sculpture was chaotic and ever-changing. My process started out with three ideas. The first was a sound suite that was crochet and sewed Alfred that restricted the user’s movement. When the user walked around in it, it not only made sounds but also had a physical component to it as the material rubbed against the user’s body. The second idea was to create a giant tube that the viewer has to put on and then people would come around the tube making all these different sounds in addition to the sounds the inside of the tube would be covered into yarn not only to add texture but to cause a sense of apprehension and overwhelming to the viewer. The last idea (that I ended up going with) was a tube that has a barrier in between that I would add barriers to restrict the string and would create a scratching noise.

The first thing I did was to gather materials. I was very lucky, the trash gods must have been shining down on me cause I was able to find pre-made tubes that I ended up using. Originally I planned on making one tube but in the end, I ended but marking to with different sized barriers. Once I choose the tube size I wanted I painted the tubes green and pink. I came back the next day once the paint had dried and added the barriers. Then the day after I was on my way back home. My parents weren’t home for the day I was there so it was just me and my younger sister. The whole day it was just me and her sitting and crocheting. This is something very rare for me since I’m not one to crochet with others but I will always crochet with my younger sister. This got me thinking about crocheting and the experience individuals have when they crochet and how they vary between individuals. My younger sister is a lefty and she crochets lefty and while I was watching and listening to her as she worked I noticed how our sounds vary. The last thing I need to complete was the string that would be in the tube. I ended up finger crocheting them and doing multiples so that I could braid them together to create a thicker or thinner cord.

Once tubes were finished, I still felt that the piece wasn’t done so I drew from my experience with my sister this weekend and thought about our individual crochet practices and experiences. As much as crocheting is something that can be viewed by all it’s also something extremely personal. What I ended up coming up with was have a blanket covering the user. I felt this allowed the user to have a personal experience with the piece but also depending on the blanket a less personal and more public experience.

Looking at The piece all completed I am very happy with how it turned out. Even though the project didn’t end up looking like the original sketch, I realized that the work you create is always changing and if I wasn’t receptive to that change and understand that my work can stray from the original idea I would have created a work that maybe I originally emotional connected to now I am. 

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