Installation Proposal

We plan on creating an installation inspired by the black hair experience. Taneyasha and I both had different had very different daily practices of the surface (music and crocheting) but when we dig deep we realized the two topics had a lot more in common then we expected. The action of listening to music and crocheting are both solitary or can be group experiences. We decided to lean into the group aspect of it and. Try to create a work that was grounded in that theme. What we ended up coming up with was the black hair experience and the rituals that happen during that process. Both music and wavering/sewing process are involved in it. Something that is very apparent and hopes to lean into is the different aspects of the process are very distinct and stand-alone but together make a cohesive piece.

For our project we would need three (at the least two) walls to crete a confined environment. Additionally we would need a corner to have a more cut off space.

Reference photos of a black hair salon

Group Members

Adeye (me)- making hair cut body cover, roof of salon, benches on the side and editing video. Taneyasha- painting salon wall, star of the video.


Paint, Paint brushes, Mismatched Fabric, Chair, Stools, Cardboard, Trash bag, Take out container, Beads, Duck tape, Staples

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