Band Installation

Process Photos

Finished Product


The process of making the Band Installation was a journey that truly worked the mind-body and soul of my partner and I. As previously stated in our installation proposal the idea behind the work is to create a black hair salon and layer the sounds from the salon to create music. Through creating the work our original plan was changed as we realized what would work and what would for the space we were given. The first thing that we changed was the dimension or sketch. Our original plan was to construct space from the ground up but luckily we were shown a space during the proposal crit that we ended up using. The second thing that was changed from the original plan was the color palette of the wall. The original plan was to paint the walls green, blue, and red. But in the end, we choose to go for a more simple color palette of black and white, black irregular shapes and white background. Another thing that changed from the original plan was the beads that hung from the doorway. Early on I realized I didn’t have bead nor did I have money to buy beads so I have to figure out an alternative. I ended using random chochkeys that have important meanings to replace beads. An the last thing that changed from the original plans was the red flower mounts. Once the installation, for the most part, was done we realized the back wall was to plane and decided we needed to change that so I went out dumpster diving. A first it was a bust and I thought I should just head back to campus but my friend said he knew of one last spot to check. In short, I ended up in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned barn that I’m 100% sure someone got murdered in. Apart from the suspicious bloodstains, I found a chair, a couch and the weird flower mounts that we ended up using.  

Things that I did that were apart of the original plan was the creation of the hairdryers and curtains. A seemly easy thing to make took me an hour and a half each to create. I first roller the cardboard boxes I found then cut the flaps into strips then glued them together in a complicated way to keep the shape curved then lastly tied them to metal greate behind it. The curtains were extremely easy to make. All I had to do is rip up random clothing and sew it together to create long strips of fabric that would be hung over the door.

I learned a lot form making this piece that I hope to translate to work that I create later on. First the most reliable person is yourself but you will always get more work done in a group. I am not a group person when it comes to art, I have a tendency to take over and being in groups with people who don’t do there work. I experienced this a little in my group but I also realized that when help is needed you have to ask for it. Dumpster diving, attaching the couch to the wall, making all the chains on the door. All of these things took time and weren’t easy to do, luckily I have some really great friends that saw me struggling and offered help in ways that lifted so much weight off my shoulders. Another thing I learned not directly while making the piece but during common ground is “work like your poor”. While making this installation this was a mantra that I repeated constantly whenever I would hit a wall. I would set back from the issue take a breath and figure out a way to work around it. Whether it not having funds to but materials or not having enough hand or time I would always figure out a solution. So however stressful this process may have been I can proudly say I’m happy with the finished product and the knowledge I gained form creating it.

Partner: Taneyasha

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