Daily Practice #3

I continued to work on Bart and Stephan 2.0 with some slow progress. That prior weekend I had gotten a blood blister while setting up a tent for an Art Force Five event. I got a couple of rows done but sadly nothing more due to the painful blister. While my brief stint crocheting I mulled over the importance of my most important tool, my hands. Hand for the most artist is there most used and cherished tool without which their practice wouldn’t be possible. I wonder what other body parts I could use as artistic tools, feet, elbows, nose. That will be a thought/ idea I might come back to at a later date, maybe event for a daily practice

Stephan and Bart 2.0 really wanted to come to my art history discussion class so after careful consideration I decided to bring them with me to work in them. I started working on them right before the class started and my friend Angie who was sketching at the time took a fancy to Stephan and Bart so she decided to sketch them. Since I only had the torso done at the time she came up with a bottom half for them and based on the sketch I have decided to make them mer-Bart and mer-Stephan, a conjoined mer-person who enjoys swimming the seven seas. 

I started to work on the “beads” for the band installation and I used crochet slip knots to make the looks for the strings. It was a very fun and reflective process. I watched a cheap-ass hallmark Christmas movie while making it and it got me feeling very nostalgic. It didn’t help that each item that I was tieing on has a special meaning to me. Wheater is the bible study tags that I got from being a camp counselor at a religious camp (which is a story within its self) or buttons that my mom and I have collect over the years from thrifts shops of the ones that have fallen off worn-out clothing. Whoever says that material objects don’t hold personal meaning there bonkers. I wouldn’t say I’m someone who gains pleasure from having material items but the small bits and pieces I have that may seem worthless to some have great immense meaning and holds a special place in my heart. 

Since the holiday season it on the approach I decided to get a jump on making my holiday decorations. I am planning on making my roommate and I Christmas stockings. I’m so excited to see how’ll there turn out. I have made small stockings before to be used as tree ornaments but never a full-sized one so I’m excited and nerves for the challenge. I’m starting out it out with the chainring method and ill see where that takes me.

I continued working on the stocking while watching some more bad Christmas movies. It was funny while I was crocheting my roommate came in and saw what I was watching and said it was too early for Christmas stuff since thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. This got me thinking. When is it time to start getting into the holiday spirit? For me, I come from a family of people who has the Christmas tree up by thanksgiving day and it’s decorated to the tee by the first week of December. But I also know that other people don’t get to decorating till the week before. My opinion on that is its a waste cause you gonna have to take it all down a week later. I feel like there needs to be a healthy medium between thanksgiving and Christmas for when to decorate. What do you think? Comment your two sends below. 

I made some more and hung up completed chains for the Band installation. It was nice to see the installation come to the end. How both big elements of it, such as the couch and even small elements like the bead made a difference in making a cohesive installation where each element was reliant on the other. This I think reflects the black community in many ways. We all are different and some of us play a more prominent role in the community than others but its when we come together for a gather or other events is when you see the real magic. We are able to function individually but when we come together we create not only a powerful collective but a group of masterful people that create a unique and original environment unmatched by any other culture.

This was the most stressful day of the week for me since I had to finish filming my installation and editing. Once I got all that done I worked off my other homework for art history and English. It was only at the gremlin hour of 10:50 that I had a chance to crochet some more of my roommates stocking. As stressful as my day was it was nice to have a moment to just breath and relax a little and unwind away from the stress of the day. Some people box, others run to relieve stress but for me, crocheting is what I do when I need to get to my happy place or just work through someone’s stuff. The repetitiveness of the practice allows for my mind to wander and latch on to more serious matter to work through.

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