Story of the Space

Process Photos

Reflection On The Process

The creation of the narrative was done individually so that it would match our different characters but also mindfully so that the story would be cohesive in the end. Something that is unique to the space that we choose is that there are sketchbooks that people can write and draw in. We quickly decided that it would be cool if we had each of our characters have a journal entry and that our zine was a sketchbook. We then decided to break up the story into different sections based on the shifts that the workers have at the Joka. Once the details were hashed out we began to write. Each of us reading and incorporating the shift earlier story into our individual narrative to make sure the story flowed well and made sense. For me this was especially hard since I was the last shift and wanted to make sure all the shifts before me were included but I also wanted to make sure my pages didn’t get too wordy, in the end on the final zine I had to cut back a lot of the words that I originally planned on including. After compiling all the pages together and reading them I am amazed how even though I may not have written them together they make one story that a reader can easily follow.

PDF Of Zine

Images Of Distribution

Refection On Zine Outcome

I am extremely happy with the final product of the zine, I feel that each of us had the artistic liberty to not only create our own unique story but also to influence one another. One the Zine was complete it was cool to flip through and see each out our sections and how even though our art styles and stories may be different we each created stories that we could build off of/draw inspiration from for our own individual section.  An example of this would be the indistinct employee. Both Rosemary and I feature him in our section of the zine. His character design is pretty much the same in each of the sections but draw with our own unique art styles. I had a lot of fun making the Zine, it was a great way to create a narrative with pictures quickly and cost-effectively. The one thing that I wish the Zines had was color. For me, I feel like I would have still left me section black and white but I notice for parts like the cover of our Zine color could have been used to enhance and further our Zine. 

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