Final Performance


I was happy with the outcome of my groups final performance. My group mates and I put at of time and energy into making what you saw today. There were bumps a lot the road you can imagine. When you work in any type a group but especially with creatives it’s easy to have different ideas that conflict with one another. Even thought we may at time had conflicting viewpoints our ability to come together and reconcile our differences is what’s importantly. Another hurdle we had to over come was communication. Figuring out the best way to reach everyone on platforms that they check or have access to was a struggle to begin with was remedied quickly . My favorite part of the planning process for the performance was making my costume. I custom made a pattern for the shirt and with help form my group mate constructed the cup. Not only was this a great hands on activity that I got to do both individually as well as in a group but it was also a chance to translate a 2D work of mine and make it 3D. Lastly the rehearsals and final performance was the final step (apart from this blog post). I don’t like acting at all, that may be hard to believe but last time I tried to preform in front of a group of people I was the angel of the lord in a nativity play and I forgot my lines and rans off stage to throw up. It is a testament to how comfortable and safe of a space that foundations has created so that even though I may have felt some butterflies I still was able to achieve a performance I was proud of.

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