71 N. Main Street

March 1991

Three Alfred university Delta brothers used a racial slur towards a coach at a sporting event. They walked away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This building used to be there residence.

 During a basketball game between Alfred-Ithica, Alfred students shouted racial slurs at basketball coach in response to not playing one of there senior friends. The events that would unfold after would leave a scar on this campus. All students involved where Deltas, the majority of them were tasked with community service and the ones suspended were still allowed to attend classes as they appealed the suspension. Even if they ended up losing the case they could still reapply for next semester.

This created a president on how this school chooses to react to racially charged incidents. They prefer a slap on the wrist and covering things up versus tackling the larger issue at hand, racism at Alfred University.

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