Week 6 COLAB

This week I worked on filming and completing my final performance. Earlier that week I was able to present an in class version of this piece to make a critique on things that could be improved and worked on. Post crit I decided to add the photos of the locations by the the QR codes as well as to cut the yarn when crossing interactions to make sure there were no traffic casualties. The process for making the video was completely different the process I had for the in class performance. In the final performance weather became an additive element in the narrative I was constructing in addition to the way I interacted with the few people I came across. The most transformative and insightful aspect of the project was the fact that I was able to have a really great dialogue with the individual that I was working with. It not only help me better articulate and analyze what I was doing but it also allowed me to inform and to express my thoughts in a more clear way.

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