The Artist I chose to write about is Latoya Ruby Frazier. The reason I chose to write about her was that I strongly connect to the subject matter of her work as well as her artistic practice. Ms. Frazier draws inspiration from the environment she lives in as well as her personal experiences and the way she is perceived in this community. I think during the turbulent time it’s so important as an artist took look beyond ourselves and analyze what is going on but I think that there is something powerful in looking at one’s own community and taking stalk of that and analyzing that. Another thing that I think is important is utilizing the people around you whether it be to collaborate or to use as a muse. Even though I’m all alone in Alfred I’m still utilizing my own community as a source of motivation as well as collaborating through my mother and I’s joint crochet project. Lastly, I think its also important especially during the time of freeze to look out our environment and the positive impact some of this is having, animals that have been thought to belong gone are coming back due to the absence of humans. This is a time to reflect on our actions and there impact on our environment and figure out ways to high light it even indoors.

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