COVID-19 Week 2

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Colors Organized Neatly

Color Research

Madder pigment is derived from the Rose madder plant. This plant contains two organic red dyes: alizarin and purpurin. Madder is the most stable natural pigment used in a plethora of mediums from paint pigments to dyes. It was used to color textile in ancient Egypt, cloth dyed with the pigment was found in King Tuts tombs.

Artist Research

The Artist I was assigned was Pepon Osorio. Pepon grew up in Porto rico but would later move to New York. For a period of time he was a social worker, this experience would become a source of inspiration in his work. Pepon is known for large scale installations that transport the viewer to specific situation or points in time. Pepon uses a lot of bright colors such as red, yellow, and pink in his work. The colors contribute heavily to the work by either providing a jovial mood or a more chaotic turbulent mood. The color are connected to his culture, working form a palette that is very specific to the community he works in and came from. The colors come into play all through out his work weather it be the wall of the insulation painted a specific color or an array of colorful found objects. I personally struggle to work big so I can greatly admire the scale that he works in. I also love his color palette, his use of colors how ever bright are expertly altered/ chosen to help push the narrative of his work.

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