Glassy Baby New Glass Review: Part 2

Visually the works I have selected have things in common. They all have spheres and or circular motifs in them. Additionally all the works use bright colors. Although these works possess similarities they also have differences. All the artist took a different approach when working with the glass. Some of the works are blown, while others are kiln formed, flame worked, or neon. The scales of the work also vary, on the one end large full room installations and on the other end objects that would fit in the palm of your hand. Lastly the way the work is displayed differed. There are some works that are displayed on a flat surface, while others are placed on a wall, or suspended mid air by other materials. I chose this body of work for multiple reasons. The common motifs all these works share which when looking for works to choose from just happened naturally. I like the use of material weather it be just glass or the addition of other mediums to help with the displaying of the work. Lastly I chose these works based on how the light interacted with the works. I feel that each work reaccepted to it differently base on scale, light in the space, lack of light, and color.

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