Glassy Baby Looks Like Glass: Part 3

The pieces I have chosen have things in common. All the works use color in some where in there work. All the works also utilize lighting, this helps create glassy looking surfaces. Lastly they contrast in some way to there background. These works also differ in ways. They all work with different mediums such as resin, plastic, and spray paint. They all look like different forms in which glass can take weather that be neon, murine, flam working, or kiln formed glass. I chose this selection of work due to the fact that they all chose to work with colors that I am drawn to. I also chose this body of work since the are all made out of a variety of mediums.

Glassy Baby New Glass Review: Part 2

Visually the works I have selected have things in common. They all have spheres and or circular motifs in them. Additionally all the works use bright colors. Although these works possess similarities they also have differences. All the artist took a different approach when working with the glass. Some of the works are blown, while others are kiln formed, flame worked, or neon. The scales of the work also vary, on the one end large full room installations and on the other end objects that would fit in the palm of your hand. Lastly the way the work is displayed differed. There are some works that are displayed on a flat surface, while others are placed on a wall, or suspended mid air by other materials. I chose this body of work for multiple reasons. The common motifs all these works share which when looking for works to choose from just happened naturally. I like the use of material weather it be just glass or the addition of other mediums to help with the displaying of the work. Lastly I chose these works based on how the light interacted with the works. I feel that each work reaccepted to it differently base on scale, light in the space, lack of light, and color.

Glassy Baby Visual Database: Part 1

What are the unique qualities of glass?

-After working with it in it’s molten state it has to be to be annealed 

-looks cool when its still very hot

-Easily allows light to flow through it

-Leaves behind certain working marks that can only be seen under certain lenses/light

-Heat resistant

-Chemical resistant

-It’s optical properties are not effected by aging

-Can be used in conjugations with other materials in it’s molten state

What are the attributes that are shared with other materials?

-Can comes in different colors

-Short working time



-Shatters when dropped 


-Can be food safe


-Can be both a liquid and a solid

4 Fire Alarm light- found in my dorm room, flashes when the fire alarm goes off

7 Light bulb– found in my friends room, use in light fixture to create light

1 Glass chicken– found at thrift shop in Hornell, used as a decorative sculpture

2 Vases– found at thrift shop in Hornell, used to hold flowers/ decorative purposes

1 Napkin holder– found at thrift shop in Hornell, used to hold napkins

1 Eagle etching- found at thrift shop in Hornell, used decretive sculpture

1 Decorative jar– found in a thrift shop in Hornell, hold small items/ decorative purposes

1 Vase– found in a thrift shop in Hornell, used to hold flowers

1 Pug jar– found in a thrift shop in Hornell, used for decorative

1 Mini milk pitcher– found at thrift shop in Hornell, used to hold milk/ decretive purposes

4 Fire extinguisher casing window– found in dorm, allows people to look into case to see fire extinguisher

105 Windows– found is dorm room, provide a view of the outside as well as light

7 Glasses– On peoples faces or glasses case, to make things appear clearer for the visually impaired

127 Car windows-found in parking lots and driveways, protects driver from the outdoors while driving

COVID-19 Week 2

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Colors Organized Neatly

Color Research

Madder pigment is derived from the Rose madder plant. This plant contains two organic red dyes: alizarin and purpurin. Madder is the most stable natural pigment used in a plethora of mediums from paint pigments to dyes. It was used to color textile in ancient Egypt, cloth dyed with the pigment was found in King Tuts tombs.

Artist Research

The Artist I was assigned was Pepon Osorio. Pepon grew up in Porto rico but would later move to New York. For a period of time he was a social worker, this experience would become a source of inspiration in his work. Pepon is known for large scale installations that transport the viewer to specific situation or points in time. Pepon uses a lot of bright colors such as red, yellow, and pink in his work. The colors contribute heavily to the work by either providing a jovial mood or a more chaotic turbulent mood. The color are connected to his culture, working form a palette that is very specific to the community he works in and came from. The colors come into play all through out his work weather it be the wall of the insulation painted a specific color or an array of colorful found objects. I personally struggle to work big so I can greatly admire the scale that he works in. I also love his color palette, his use of colors how ever bright are expertly altered/ chosen to help push the narrative of his work.


The Artist I chose to write about is Latoya Ruby Frazier. The reason I chose to write about her was that I strongly connect to the subject matter of her work as well as her artistic practice. Ms. Frazier draws inspiration from the environment she lives in as well as her personal experiences and the way she is perceived in this community. I think during the turbulent time it’s so important as an artist took look beyond ourselves and analyze what is going on but I think that there is something powerful in looking at one’s own community and taking stalk of that and analyzing that. Another thing that I think is important is utilizing the people around you whether it be to collaborate or to use as a muse. Even though I’m all alone in Alfred I’m still utilizing my own community as a source of motivation as well as collaborating through my mother and I’s joint crochet project. Lastly, I think its also important especially during the time of freeze to look out our environment and the positive impact some of this is having, animals that have been thought to belong gone are coming back due to the absence of humans. This is a time to reflect on our actions and there impact on our environment and figure out ways to high light it even indoors.

Final COLAB Project

This was the last project that we made in COLAB. We partnered with members in the class to create a logo that somehow combined what we all are focusing on currently as artist. What we ended up coming up with is a design that represents unity but has the artistic ascetic of one of our group members. The printing process was very easy for our group since we had pre-cut the stencil. All we had to do was flood our screen and start printing. This was a fun way to end the first half of the semester, it was not only pretty low stress but a great final bonding/ group activity.